1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Bonneville

'One of a Thousand' they proudly put on the side-panels.  A thousand bikes wasn't enough, however, so another thousand were made: the 'Limited Edition'.  This is one of them.

I purchased this machine in November 2002 when my partner spotted it advertised in the back of one of the Classic bike magazines.  I had long desired a Bonneville and this model has special significance to us.  After an initial inspection, Phil Pick of Triple Cycles (a close family friend) visited us and took a look at the bike.  Our initial happiness with the machine was enhanced by Phil's assertion that it was a "sound and honest bike".  The negotiations took place and off I rode on my 'new' Bonneville.

Over the Winter I did some cleaning (although not enough) and some minor servicing (greasing and oil-changing) and enjoyed the occasional run.  The bike wasn't desperately reliable and its performance was poorer than might be expected, but nothing that further investigation and repair wouldn't cure.

Substantial electrical gremlins in Spring and early Summer of 2003 led me to change the incorrect battery, aged loom and unreliable ignition system.  The Boyer ignition fitted by a previous owner was replaced with a Lucas RITA system, an altogether more powerful and rugged device.  The proper Lucas 6v coils were fitted to match.  This, coupled with a replacement alternator rotor fitted by Phil at his workshop in Ilford, has turned a frustratingly unreliable bike into a first-kick starting gem with a delightful engine that pulls strongly at any revolutions and will perform as briskly as could be desired.  This bike is enormous fun.  Further, riding this bike makes me feel proud.