honda vfr750


The VFR performed flawlessly and didn't miss a beat throughout, despite my and others) attempts to kill it. It even crashes well - anything that is rideable after hitting the Armco at XXmph has to be made well. Ba***rd expensive to fix though.

For once the lack of character (which is about the only criticism you can aim at a VFR) was a bonus on the long hauls. It's cross between a touring & sports seating position seemed to work well, hiding you behind the fairing sufficiently to make life easy, whilst being upright enough to be comfortable.

It coped with 120mph Autobahn cruising comfortably, topping out at a more than sufficient 142mph (160 indicated). It swallowed the luggage without significantly affecting the handling.

It appears that VFR's are THE desirable bike in Croatia.





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